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Australian Customs to Void 940 Tariff Advices in Advance of 2012 Tariff Changes

In December 2011, Customs will void approximately 940 Tariff Advices (TAs), as their classification codes are affected by the 2012 tariff update.

Customs will be notifying importers before December 15 with respect of the TAs to be voided. Importers may wish to seek a new Tariff Advice to confirm they can continue to rely on the classification code for their product. Importers wishing to seek a new TA to replace the voided TA may do so before 1 January 2012.

A list of tariff classifications from which TAs will be voided can be found in attachment C of Customs Notice 2011/57.

For assistance in drafting an application for a new Tariff Advice, contact Eva Galfi at or on 0421 506 095.

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