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At International Trade Advisors, we pride ourselves in providing practical advice to Australian companies on global trade issues. Our focus is on assisting Australian companies understand their obligations under the ITAR, EAR and Australian export controls.

AU Export Controls

  • Does your export require a permit from DEC?
  • Are you appropriately tracking your intangible supplies?
  • Is your compliance program updated for the DTCA?
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ITAR Compliance

  • Do you work with ITAR controlled articles?
  • Do you work on technology acquired through FMS?
  • Are your subcontractors less familiar with the ITAR?
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EAR Compliance

  • Need assistance with a BIS license application?
  • Is your item ITAR or EAR controlled?
  • Can you use an exception instead of a license to export?
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Compliance Programs

  • Document your compliance program
  • Help staff easily understand the requirements
  • Ensure records are properly kept
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Staff Training

  • ITAR, EAR and Australian Controls
  • Stay up to date with legislative changes
  • On-line or live at your premises
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  • Need assistance with a compliance issue?
  • Lacking resources required to logde export applications?
  • Unsure where your compliance program stands?
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Compliance Audits

  • Identify deficiencies before they become issues
  • Create a custom tailored audit plan
  • Receive a professional report from us
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Technology Control Plans

  • Do you manage ITAR/EAR export controlled technology?
  • Do you have a TCP?
  • Is it up to date?
  • Is your staff trained on the contents?
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Industries Served

  • Defence
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  • Mining
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  • High Technology
  • Universities

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