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Compliance Audits

An export compliance audit can help identify deficiencies in compliance and correct issues before they become expensive problems for your company...
Audits provide valuable feedback about what's working right and what's not working with respect to your export compliance program. Audit findings can help your company to re-vamp an existing set of guidelines, policies and procedures. A systematic review of your company's current activities will help to spotlight areas requiring attention, such as controls or employee training needs.

International Trade Advisors conducts export compliance audits and offers practical, cost-effective solutions to prevent export violations and their associated costly consequences.

Our custom-tailored audit plans cover areas such as:

  • Employee awareness of export controls
  • HR practices
  • IT and network security
  • Employee foreign travel procedures and reporting
  • Transaction screening procedures
  • Training policies and schedules
  • Frequency of updates to the EMCP and communication with staff
  • Internal monitoring and reporting of violations
  • Handling of re-export and retransfers
  • Import practices
  • Warehousing practices
  • Compliance with provisos
  • Recordkeeping and reporting activities

Upon completing our audit, we will present our findings in a report format. Our report will offer recommendations for improvements to your company's existing compliance program.

We can help you implement an action plan for strengthening your compliance program and conduct follow-up review as necessary.



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