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Upgrading your record keeping program

Data mining is key to enforcement and compliance in both the US and Australia

Increasingly, governments are recording and analysing electronic information related to import and export transactions. Both the US and Australian governments regularly run reports on transactions of certain commodities to identify trends, ensure they are resourcing correctly and identify anomalies and violations. Both governments have recently allocated budgets to improve their record keeping and data mining capabilities. Australia, like the US, is moving towards an electronic only system and in the future exporters will be required to submit all forms requesting permission to export electronically.

In addition, both countries are strengthening export controls, increasing resources to educate the community, and becoming more strategic in their investigations of instances of violations.

  • Is your company keeping up with the legislative changes and the associated increased record-keeping requirements?
  • Do you know what records the government is keeping on your operations and could you generate the same reports from your systems to conduct an internal audit and identify issues?
  • Would your staff be able to find records in the event of a US or Australian government audit?

International Trade Advisors can work with your staff to:

  • Create awareness about the new record keeping requirements
  • Identify areas of weakness and suggest upgrades that suit your budget and needs
  • Help you to upgrade your systems, including assistance with configuring SAP GTS, ENOVIA or other document management programs to ensure compliance with ITAR, the EAR and Australian export controls.

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