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Export Controls in Australia

The export of certain sensitive goods and technology listed on the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL) is controlled by the Australian Government. In most instances, a permit to export an item listed on the DSGL will require a permit from the office of Defence Export Controls (DEC).

The Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 has ushered in a new era for exporters in Australia. The new legislation aims to strengthen Australia's export controls, making them more harmonized with existing controls in the US and Australia's allies, by requiring export permits for the intangible export of certain controlled technologies.

Exporters must ensure that they are keeping up to date on the new legislative requirements related to transferring DSGL controlled technology to an overseas recipient by means such as email, granting password access and other intangible means.

International Trade Advisors can assist your organization in implementing policies and procedures to strengthen your export compliance program and ensure staff are properly trained on the new compliance requirements.

Offence provisions for the Defence Trade Controls Act will come into effect in April 2016 and Australian companies are being urged by DECO to prepare for the coming changes by being proactive about determining how the new controls will affect their business operations and applying to DECO for permits where required.

We can assist in helping your company with this analysis as well as assist your staff with establishing a compliance program, policies and procedures to ensure your compliance record with DECO remains strong.

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