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What Australian companies need to know in order to prepare for U.S. export control reforms.

U.S. Export Control Reform will directly affect Australian companies trading articles and technology that are currently controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the U.S.’ Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

While the reforms are designed to ultimately make trade easier, the move of thousands of currently ITAR controlled items to the EAR’s Commerce Control List (CCL) will present a large learning curve for Australian companies that are not accustomed to working with the EAR. Other changes, including changes to licensing requirements, key definitions, commodity jurisdiction and classification will require review of your company’s inventory and internal processes and necessitate some changes to how you currently do business.

The first of the changes went into effect on 15 October 2013. Is your company prepared?

This webcast discusses what Australian companies can do to prepare for the coming changes as well as some of the advantages that will arise from the reforms.

The webcast covers:

1. A brief overview of US export control reforms
2. An overview of the regulatory changes coming into effect in the next 6 months that you will need to pay attention to
3. How your company may be affected
4. What you can do to prepare for the changes
5. How you’ll be able to benefit from the regulatory changes

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