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U.S. Export Control Reform- An overview for Australians

Need some background?

Click here to read about the reason for export control reforms in the U.S. and learn the basics about what is happening with reform efforts, the movement of goods from the control of the ITAR to the EAR, and what's happening with your existing licenses, agreements and approvals.

The legislation is changing: 'Final Rules' have been published

Click here to see the updates to the ITAR, including all current proposed and final rules and proposed definitions of key terms such as "defense service".

Is your article considered "Specially Designed" under the new rules? Click here to find out using the on-line decision tool.

End-use checks by BIS are coming to Australia

Australian companies may be subject to 'end-use checks' by U.S. government officials. Click here to learn more about BIS end use checks.

Do you have questions about how U.S. Export Control Reform will affect your business?

Contact us on 0421 506 095 or email We can help you to conduct an impact analysis, re-classify your articles in the EAR and train staff on the ins and outs of the EAR and working with the US Department of Commerce.

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