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What U.S. Companies Need to know about Export Controls in Australia (recording made 29 November 2016)

U.S. companies with operations in Australia need to understand how the new legislation affects the way in which Australian companies can conduct cross-border business.

The webinar covers:

  • How U.S. and Australian controls compare and contrast including the control list and types of export licenses
  • How the Defence Trade Controls Act (DTCA) is changing the way export compliance is managed in Australia
  • The Australian concept of "Intangible Supplies" v the U.S. concept of "deemed export"
  • What Australian companies need to do to update their compliance programs for the DTCA
  • The culture of compliance from an Aussie point of view and how the Australian Government handles compliance violations
  • Why we have different concerns down under than our US colleagues when it comes to compliance with the ITAR and EAR

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Introduction to U.S. Export Control Reform for Australians

This course (recorded in 2013) provides and introduction to Export Control Reforms (ECR) in the U.S.

Topics covered include:
• Background on U.S. Export Control Reform (ECR)
• Key changes (i.e. what is the 600 series, the new definition of specially designed, etc.)
• Key information about “proposed rules” and “final rules”
• Information about the transition period and transition framework
• Grace periods for existing approvals (e.g. How long can you use existing DSP-5s, General Correspondence, TAAs, MLAs?)
• Determining jurisdiction (is my article/item/subassembly EAR or ITAR?)
• Your action items
• Where to find the most up to date version of ITAR
• Where to find the most up to date version of EAR

Click the words "Introduction to ECR" below to start the course. (length: approx 1 hour and 10 minutes)

Introduciton to ECR

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